luxury auto repair shop in plano

 1999 Porsche Boxster

June 8th, 2013

I met Danny at a local Cars and Coffee event. After checking out his website, I was impressed enough to bring my Porsche in for service.

Entering his shop was even more impressive. Everything was spotless, and Danny's amazing credentials and awards lined the walls. Four other Porsches were already in bays. What was most impressive however, was how helpful Danny, Michael and Kevin were during the entire service. Kevin even performed a complete check of my Boxster for free before the service.

Quality service at an excellent price, and the knowledge Danny and his crew shared with me was invaluable.

I will be back for sure for my next service!

2000 Porsche S

May 6th, 2013

A year ago the A/C was barely cool when at idle, and warmed up a lot when in motion. The dealer tried one $1,500 repair (replacing lines front to rear), said it was 'fixed', but it didn't seem any better. 3 months later I took it in again but they "couldn't duplicate" the problem I described. They suggested air might be leaking in from the heater core (bad sealing/seized flap?) - about $4,000 to repair - so I just lived with it. When I got the mailer introducing Danny and Fix-N-Go, I thought "let me see if he has an idea." OVER THE PHONE he diagnosed the problem as probably a bad evaporator valve. Kevin and Danny opened it up and found not only the bad valve but that the dryer/filter had died and completely filled the line with 'crud' - reducing flow to almost nothing.

Driving my repaired car home the grin was, literally, frozen on my face!

Bottom line: Danny listened, and based on my description he knew the issue right away, and saved me a ton of money not doing the wrong repair. TWO Boxster  are now going to Danny and Kevin whenever they need service.

Aside - Danny has been in the business a long time. We discovered that he was the technician who did the dealer inspection before I took delivery of the car (new) 13 years ago!